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Heisenberg's uncertainty principle

New theory solves uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics.

Uncertainty principle
The uncertainty will continue forever since the scientists assume the space of subatomic particles is the same space that we and large object exists in.
The subatomic particles space is different it has extra dimensions which we cannot feel or recognize.

The reason why we see this strange behavior of subatomic particles because we think in three-dimensions world and assume that these subatomic particles as well move in this three-dimensions world.

Lets assume the subatomic particles have more dimensions via which to move through. One or two or three extra dimensions. Or more.

When the scientists and mathematicians manage to formulate the specification of these subatomic dimensions and formulate their relation with our three-dimensions then the certainty will prevail and the Uncertainty principle will vanish.

Some times we notice strange behaviors of subatomic particles as if they pop in then pop out from somewhere else. We see it strange because we think in three-dimensions world.
The truth is very simple and very normal, all what is happening, the subatomic particles are moving very normal in their dimensions so when they take the forth dimension as a root (where time does not function there. Or this dimension has its own time different from our time), it looks to us as if they are poping in from one place then poping out from different place with no time at all.

Tip: 1
When you make the formulas and it does not work, then you must take this in consecration.
The magnetic force either can not function in other dimensions, or it is deformed so it behaves differently in other dimensions.
The same applies to other forces like electric force.

You must not take what functions in our dimensions and apply it in other dimensions. Time and force change in other dimensions.
Even particles like the electron changes, for example the electron is a particle in some dimensions and change to waves in other dimensions. That is why. 

Tip: 2
Since we live in three-dimensions world and in their specification where they extend forever for billions of light years. Therefore our mind set can only imagine any other dimension to have the same specification of having infinite distance like our dimensions.
We must know that the subatomic dimensions have different specification than our dimensions.
These subatomic dimensions they are huge and colossal for the subatomic particles. May be the ratio of the size of these subatomic dimensions to the size of the subatomic particles, is the same ratio of human size to our universe.
So the subatomic universe must have different values of time and different interaction with forces.
The universe of subatomic particles will have totally different behavior than ours where only great minds can image it and great mathematicians can find the formulas by which it function.

Tip: 3
The ratio of one meter to the diameter of our universe = 8.61 E26
Plank constant = 1.986 E25 J.m
So they are so similar.
From this we can assume that the subatomic universe has some relation with Plank constant.  
Tip: 4

We should consider this world consists from three universes one is smaller than the other in a ratio of plank constant.
First universe:
Our universe, it is the universe in the middle.
Second universe:
Dark matter universe, it is so huge.
If we divide our universe diameter by dark matter universe diameter we will get plank constant. 6.62607004 × 10-34
Third universe:
Subatomic universe, it is so tiny.
If we divide Subatomic universe diameter by our universe diameter we will get plank constant. 6.62607004 × 10-34

All these three universes coincide in each other.
Each universe has three dimensions. But each universe has a limit after that its dimension will shop at and does not function any more.
For example the subatomic universe its dimensions are so small as small as plank constant can be. But even though this subatomic universe is every where, if we move all over our universe from one galaxy to another the subatomic universe is in every part of any galaxy and in the space between galaxies. But the subatomic universe only has effect and function within the very small limit of its dimensions. So when a particle moves inside subatomic universe it will behave totally different in this subatomic universe, and when it moves out of it to our universe it will behave according to our universe specification.

So we live in a 9 dimensions world where three universe co exist together as if one inside the other but that is not the case.
Each universe has properties different from other universes. And the mater inside it behaves in a way it seems to us so strange. That is why we find it difficult to understand the matter in the Dark matter universe and we find it difficult to understand the behavior of matter in Subatomic universe.

By this new theory we will end the Uncertainty principle once and for all.
But believe me, we will find ourselves in a more puzzling problems to solve.
We must enjoy these new problems because if we solve them all then we will have dull world with no mysteries to solve and enjoy solving them.

Kasim Brisam

In quantum mechanics, the uncertainty principle, also known as Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, is any of a variety of mathematical inequalities[1]asserting a fundamental limit to the precision with which certain pairs of physical properties of a particle, known as complementary variables, such as position x and momentum p, can be known.

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