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Anti-hackers mobile phone. No photo hacking from now on. US patent 8112601

My three patents which Protect phones & computers from hackers & viruses are mother & child & grandchild.

Mother:  Patent No: 7724458 Hard disk drive with selectable reading and writing to/from different platter surfaces

Child:  Patent No: 8112601   Data storage device with security feature

Grandchild:   Appl. No.: 13/338091   SECURE DATA STORAGE DEVICE

The Mother (Patent No: 7724458) claims HDD. Using a hardware switch to perform the protection.

The Child (Patent No: 8112601)   claims storage device, any kind of storage device which include HDD & SSD. Using a hardware switch to perform the protection.

The  Grandchild:   (Appl. No.: 13/338091 )   claims storage device, any kind of storage device which include HDD & SSD. Using a hardware electronics chips to perform the protection. Where the user via the keyboard of a computer or laptop keyboard controls the storage device read & write via the electronics chips.
In mobile phones the user controls the storage device read & write via the keypads of the mobile phones via the electronic chip.

The animations below I have done them for the Mother (Patent No: 7724458) it explains it for the HDD.
But is useful to understand the idea fully. So when you read the Grandchild text you will understand it immediately since it is the same idea but with small variations.
So please watch first the three animations below then read the text of the Grandchild then you will understand it so easily.
Grandchild:   Appl. No.: 13/338091   SECURE DATA STORAGE DEVICE
US patent 7724458 anti virus anti Hacker HDD three platters 

US patent 7724458 anti virus anti Hacker HDD five platters 

Hard disk drive with selectable reading and writing to/from different platter surfaces 

Data storage device with security feature 

US patent 8112601 protects all phones, Android and other types from hackers & viruses.
These patents will protect small businesses and personal computers and giant corporations like Banks Data, governments data, police data, hospital data, US Defence computers & Pentagon & military systems & ministries & car factories all kinds of fatories & TV stations radio stations & satalites & ship ports & airports

it is unpenetratable security system for every thing on this planet.

US patents 8112601 & 7724458 & 13/338091 protects phones & computers from hackers & viruses

This set of my Three Patents will make a new laptop which will stop any virus and any hacker, if it is made and advertised on face book and tweeter and else, it will land slide this world and sell more than any laptop, since all people will buy it so they are certain that their OS and software’s will never be hit by a virus or a worm either to stop them from functioning or to slow them down. Plus there data is secure from hackers.
Plus all companies will buy them (banks, governments, police, research lab, hospitals, ministries, manufactures, etcetera) since they are sure no Hacker will steal their data.
if some investors take this patent and make this new laptop they will make tens of millions of profit (if not hundreds of millions) since this new laptop and desk top computer will land slide the entire world.
Not to mention mobile phones where all manufacturers will come to license these patents for their phones to stop viruses, and now the phone viruses has increased tremendously.
I am willing to sell them for one million dollar outright.
Half a million dollar but I keep 10% share with the buyer.

Think well such breakthrough opportunities does not come every day, some times they come once in a life time.
Jasim Alazzawi

Spammy Ads That Hijack Your Smartphone Are Now A Virtual Plague. #Malware #Mobile via @RWW http://del.ly/6014imcp 
Online Retail Security Breaches, Mobile Malware Threats Grow http://bit.ly/1jlPfnz  #malware
According to @kaspersky: Fake Anti-Virus Apps are Invading Mobile App Stores. They found two. #Malware #InfoSec pic.twitter.com/NX3ypn4OuN
2 million mobile #malware and high-risk apps now exist. Get the details in our latest Q1 2014 Security Roundup: http://trendmic.ro/1sBxsIy 

Another day, another #CyberSecurity #breach major research firm @Education_AIR reports serious theft of personal data ow.ly/x3NE6

“The popularity of the Android OS makes it a lucrative target for attackers as with more users, the potential of successful infection is vastly greater. Unfortunately, while users today spend significant amounts of money and time on their mobile devices, they fail to equip them with the same level of protection as they would a traditional PC,” said Pradeesh VS, General Manager at ESET Middle East. But with mobile devices now being used to communicate, store data and even make financial transactions, device loss is an extremely stressful event that can place a lot of sensitive data at risk. “We identified this as a major pain point for customers and added multiple easy-to-access features that eliminate much of the worry related to mobile device loss or theft,” said Pradeesh.

ESET Mobile Security provides set of strong security features improving the Android experience without worrying about cyber threats and comes in free and premium versions. The free version of the application provides basic protection including full device scan, scan of downloaded applications items and basic Anti-Theft functionalities. All Premium features are unlocked after activating of 30-day trial or buying the license. In the premium version users will find Scheduled scanning, On-Charger scan, advanced Proactive Anti-Theft functionalities, including my.eset.com integration, SMS&Call filter and Security Audit.

The solution's proactive Anti-Theft detects potentially dangerous situations and takes preventative steps to ease locating the stolen or lost device. The new functionality for Premium users sends the last location of the device when the battery hits critical level, takes snapshots from front and back camera when the wrong PIN/pattern is entered or an unauthorized SIM change is detected. All data on the device is accessible via the my.eset.com web interface.

Mobile Threat Monday: Android Worm Infects by Text Message, Ravages Russian Wallets

  • May 19, 2014 12:25 PM EST

This week on Mobile Threat Monday, F-Secure shows us a malicious worm that's infecting Russian Android devices. They call it Samsapo, and victims are discovering that this worm is costing them real cash.
Samsapo Worm
F-Secure said that the worm's point of entry to devices is via malcious text messages. These contain a link that prompts the recipient to download the application. Once on a victim's device, the app stays out of sight by hiding itself from the task manager. It also uses a generic name to go unnoticed in your list of installed apps.
But in the background, Samsapo is hard at work. First, the worm reads the victim's SIM card information to make sure it infected a Russian phone. It also scours the victim's address books for other Russian phone numbers and sends them SMS messages in Cyrillac. According to Google Translate, the message reads "These are your photos?" That's just a hook to get potential victims to tap a malicious download URL for the worm.
Why Russian numbers? That's because this worm knows how to make money. No, not by creating a highly addictive spice to be sold on interstellar markets, but by using premium SMS numbers. These work like those charitbable donations where you text a number and have a small amount of money added to your phone bill, except for evil. Premium SMS numbers are country specific, so the the malware creators had to be sure that their numbers would work on victims' phones. As we've seen before, Russia has a complex Android malware industry that relies heavily on premium SMS services.
The worm also syphons off a bunch of victims' personal information–such as phone number, SIM card information, and SMS messages–and passes that on to a remote server with a .ru domain name. This information could be used to send more phishing messages, or the worm's creator could sell the information later on.
Staying Safe
Because premium SMS numbers are geographically locked, as long as you don't have a Russian phone number it's unlikely you'll encounter this worm. That said, the tactics used by the malware's creators could easily be used in your region. So be wary of unusual SMS messages, especially ones containing links, even if they've been sent by someone you trust.
Also, the worm requires users to install an application from outside the Google Play marketplace. Though it's far from infalible, Google Play has built in protections and we strongly recommend against straying beyond it.
Lastly, install security software onto your device for extra protection, such as Editors Choice winners Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus and avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus.

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